Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sorry Dear!

i heard from ipak (my fwen) bout msg plus..his gf did to him..then i try kt my syg...its worked!i can read who ever msg u..haha..sje nk besh gk..spy!!tp lme2 serba slh..1 day die bsing kdt byk jatuh...then i noe la coz of wat...immediately i called mxs cntr 2 terminate dat msg plus..after dat, its become normaL..but 1 nyte!mael got 1 stupid msg from mxs.. " TQ 4 subscribing msg plus n bla..bla..bla.." but suddently my numbr appeared..mael tros call me..asking wat its all about...bodo nyer mxs! ko kasik kantoi jew! choice..i hv 2 explain evrything..ayat die yg menyentuh d kalbu.. " u da mcm x cye kt i " oh gosh! no dear! i really2 trust u..sje je nk test..then jd besh i da stop subscribing dat..serba slh gle..aytnye lg.. " u nk bce msg i, bce la..i x jgn la wt cmni " sad..soo sorry! but i hv da ryte 2 read ur msg coz u did da same thing 2 me..kelam kabut nk bce ble i dpt msg..haha..funny la u! but i promise dat i wont do dat again syg!


didie_89 said...

uhhuhu.. :) tkotnew....dye mara.. :P

LeEY@nA said...

taw xper..
x mo wt lg!!