Saturday, April 3, 2010

today, went to the curve, ikano n ikea
every weekend..confirm g sne!
wif my aunty, sis, n craze cousins!
gurls only ok! my twins wanna follow, but sorry babe!
try 2 wear bj kurung, then u can follow..haha ;p
we had dinner at MARCHE
i like the concept..
unique...many stall..
grill side, drinks, pasta, desert n etc..
u hv 2 order n wait 4 da foods until its done..
besh2! :)
try something new ok!
that is what my fmly always do u know!
i love my fmly! heheh ♥
actually, im not in a gud mood..
fighting2 wif my mr black..
jap ok, jap x..
tired la fighting2 nih..
but then, ok blk!
i love u more la dear.. ♥
sgt sbr ngn i..
sume msg pjuk u, wt i senyum sgtt2 lebar! :))))
pd spe yg nmpk, kompem kate i glee!! haha
hmm im soo sorry ok!
love yaa!! ♥ :))
craze sista!

si model iklan safi! :))
tmrow : OU pule!
movie tyme! ;p


vassy sheera said...

apsal letak pic aku yg sgtt lah cun cm angelina jolie???
biawak tol!!

LeEY@nA said...

cunnnnn keee weyhhh??