Saturday, November 20, 2010

its been a while

hey2 peeps! lamenye x update blog.. sgt rinduing meyh! :)

bz working lately.. overtime until 9 pm almost everyday.. aiyakk

blk rumah terus siap2 terjun katil.. x ingat ape2 dah

saturday also came 2 opis.. syg btl aku kt TAKAFUL IKHLAS SDN BHD.. haha

sunday pule bz with japanese class.. jgn ingt xde homework tau. aha

btw, rasenye mcm x dpt teruskan je nk update semua gmbr2 convo.. sorry :(

hari nie jalan2 ke sunway piramid.. as usual with cousins n sisto

we watched Harry Potter.. best oh! compared to the rest of harry potter's movie

i blh bg 4 stars out of 5! this time x byk yg cut2.. coz ade part 1 & 2

kalo movie sblm nie, byk sgt lari! i asek bgtau dorg what happen the next scene.. sgt same dgn novel.. mcm nie la besh! but wasting money pon ade.. novel n movie same je.. haha

u all should watch this movie :)

leyasays : byk lg nk update blog nih! later ok! :)

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