Friday, December 31, 2010

new year + birthday

happy new year people!!!
ade azam baru?
the answer is TIADA!
every year is the same year ;p
but of coz la nk baek dr thn sebelumnya kan
same2 lah kte jadi lagi baek dr baek
double triple baek! :)) new year eve yea?
as for me, no party, no concert, no poya2
just hang out with fmly
since 21 years ago!
plss believe me :)
today is my dad's birthday
we ate at pizza hut, damansara
then, went back home
thats it!

happy birthday daddy!
47 years
but maintain cool
my lecturer, sir pauzi sgt jeles dgn en razak krn die nmpk muda
well, he's my dad! ♥


bdk bulat yang nth bile nk kurus :(
ok, itu blh jd azam thn bru

chef tak bertauliah

tauke cicak
almost get rm1k
just selling gecko
well, i ade invest ckt
x sbr nk dpt!

bdk yang i nk sgt die jd model ;p

kiri : bdk bru lps sunat. tgh : melman madagascar. kanan : mommy ( boring or hungry? )

benda wajib ade bile mkn pizza hut

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