Thursday, May 31, 2012

Worst Junk Foods Ever


Burgers combine everything we shouldnt be eating. This includes:
Deep-fried patties that are heavy on trans fats, raising our cholesterol levels
Sauces high in sugar and sodium
Layers of cheese containing high amount of dairy fatMayonnaise concentrated with preservatives and egg yolks

 These are among the easily available but most sinful junk food items. For starters, candies are nothing but a concentrated form of sugar. Even those that claim to include some goodness of fruits are essentially just flavored forms of sugar. The high sucrose or fructose content ensures that you immediately get a sugar spike this causes that typical feeling of goodness that makes candies admired by nearly everyone. Whether it is the lollipop, toffees or gummy bears, a couple of candies in any form, can spoil your entire days calorie control.

                                                           SUGARY CEREALS
 These are sinful junk food items since they function under a false claim. Advertised as healthy breakfast cereal, cornflakes or other breakfast cereals coated with sugar aren't healthy. Having a bowl of plain oatmeal or porridge is better than having fruit loops that contains a high concentration of synthetic sugar having high-sugar breakfast means being more prone to getting sugar cravings during the daytime.

                                                                 FRENCH FRIES       
 t is not just French fries but basically all deep fried snacks including the Indian favorites like samosas apart from eternal favorites like potato chips that are extremely detrimental to the health. These are supreme sources of cholesterol and Trans fats that work towards clogging the arteries. A single serving of French fries or a couple of samosas account for nearly 40% of your daily, recommended intake of fat. High in salt, many of these fried food items are accused of having carcinogenic properties. This means they are capable of causing cancer apart from making you prone to developing high blood pressure, obesity and cardiovascular problems! French fries and potato chips are loaded with Sodium that raises blood pressure. Many of the popular fast food chainshave been found to serve fries that include Acrylimide an established cancer-inducing entity

                                                    CARBONATED BEVERAGES
 Most carbonated drinks contain a very high concentration of synthetic sugar. A single, 300 ml serving of any popular cola-like beverage, equals your entire days quota of sugar. The ones sporting the sugar-free tag contain sweeteners like aspartame that are known to be harmful if consumed over a period. Aerated beverages tend to induce acidity and make us more prone to storing fat.

                                                               ICE-CREAMS  T_T
 Ice creams make it to this list of all time worst junk foods simply because of their inherent nature where the creamier, sweeter versions are like more. A single serving of most retailed ice creams is known to contain more than 15 grams of fat along with high amounts of sugar. The cold nature of the ice creams ensure that the overall metabolism is impaired for a few hours while the high fat content makes a direct contribution to the waistline.

                                                                CREAMY CAKES
Many people seem addicted to having cakes for desserts or whenever they are feeling low. However, the enticing slice of cake contains plenty of features that make it one of the worst junk foods ever. Firstly, cakes contain a highly processed, uncooked form of carbohydrate. This kind of white bread has a high glycemic index which in combination with the high amount of sugar ensures that the blood sugar levels are boosted instantly. The high chocolate content and eggs used for making the cream ensure that cakes are concentrated with harmful fats. An occasional slice of cake doesnt do any harm but eating it every few days, is injurious to health.

leyasays : yang sedap2 semua tak berkhasiat.. damn!! kesihatan kena jaga tapi korang boleh tahan kalau benda nie depan mata? especially ice creams! huwargghhh!! 

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